Does vitamin b12 increase appetite?

Does vitamin b12 increase appetite?

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I’ve been suffering from low appetite for a very long time of my life, when I was a child, my mother used to call me skinny and I was really very weak and I was sick most of the time!

However, after having my first child, I started looking at my health objectively and I saw that I was making huge mistakes; one of them was not getting enough vitamins!

I was lacking energy and I wasn’t feeling good all the time.

After doing some blood work, I found out that I was extremely deficient in vitamin B12, this made me lack energy and feel tired and down all day long!

Needless to tell you that this also decrease my appetite dramatically and made me very skinny and fragile.

However, the worst thing I had to deal with was the fact that I was not producing enough milk for my child and even worse, my milk was extremely low in nutrients!

That is why I started supplementing with vitamin B12 regularly, it did not only increase my appetite, it also made me very healthy and made my hair look great and my skin look simply natural and healthy.

So, does vitamin B12 increase the appetite?

The answer is yes, definitely, vitamin B12 is going to help you eat more and be healthy, but it should be taken with moderation because even though it is completely natural, it’s produced by bacteria in our guts, it can have some side effects such as increasing your heart beats and exhausting you if you consume too much!

The best amount of vitamin B12 you can take every day is 200 µg.

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