Natural and safe appetite boosters

Natural and safe appetite boosters

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There are many appetite booster supplements sold nowadays, most of these are going to work amazing, they are going to stimulate your appetite while also giving you control over the way you eat, but personally I do not trust them, they are loaded with fillers, chemical products, artificial sweeteners, and most of them taste horrible and make you feel bad afterwards!

wormwoodThat is why I’m going to reveal to you the most natural and safest appetite boosters to not only help you with your appetite issues, but to also give your body loads of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to not only make it eat more, but to also help it staying healthy and good-looking.

My first advice is to stay away from drugs, by this I mean THC and other substances derived from cannabis (marijuana)!

Although these substances are extremely helpful, they are not fully understood by scientists and may present health risks that we don’t know of yet, plus they are extremely expensive, and where I live, Edmonton, Canada, you cannot get marijuana, it’s illegal , that is why this post is only going to deal with natural appetite boosters that are completely safe for you and are going to help you stay healthy and strong.

The first natural and safe appetite booster for adults I have to recommend for you is wormwood.

Whenever I write a post about appetite and ways to boost it, the first stimulant I would always talk about is wormwood!

It’s because it’s the one that has helped me a lot, it’s not only very effective, but it’s also very cheap and available in most health food shops.

However, wormwood is not your ideal appetite booster if you have a weak stomach, it’s an extremely bitter plant and will cause you stomach problems if ingested on an empty stomach, that is the reason why I highly advise you to get wormwood drops, they are inexpensive and can be added to smoothies and juices very easily to mask the horrible and bitter flavors and tastes!

Here is what I used to do to boost my appetite:

Every morning, I would prepare a green smoothie, with lots of kale, spinach, and collard greens; I would add in some apple slices and a banana.

Next I would add in vanilla extracts, the natural ones, with a lot of nuts, like walnuts and almonds.

Then I would add in two drops of wormwood extracts.

This smoothie is not only very tasty, but it’s also extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

And it will make you extremely hungry all day long!

The second natural appetite booster is fenugreek.

I love fenugreek, personally I consider it to be one of the healthiest and most essential foods you can eat, it’s not only good for your cholesterol, blood pressure and iron levels, it’s also amazing at boosting your appetite, and I’m not talking here about your appetite to eat, fenugreek is also an excellent sexual appetite booster!

But this is not the subject of our discussion today, fenugreek is going to work for you, but it’s a bit tricky for it to work extremely well at boosting your appetite, use the following recipe:

Instead of adding wormwood extracts to the previous green smoothie recipe, start first by grinding two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds until they are floury, then add the greens and fruits, don’t forget the bananas, you need to add at least two bananas as they contain insoluble fibers which are going to help bind in the fenugreek flour with the juices of the smoothie.

Drink this every day, it’s because fenugreek is not fast acting, you need to consume it at least five times in order to start seeing amazing results with your appetite.

Believe me, this is one of the healthiest drinks you can ever have.

But when consuming fenugreek, you must be careful because it’s not only very powerful, when it comes to your sexual appetite, but it’s also very pungent!

You will have to take at least a shower every two days!

The third appetite booster is fennel seeds.

lomeFennel seeds are very helpful when it comes to stimulating and boosting your appetite, and they also taste amazing, but most people do not know how to use them.

The thing about fennel seeds is that they should be infused into a tea and drunk for at least fifteen days.

I’ve experimented with these three appetite boosters and from my experience, wormwood is the best one.

Another very helpful appetite booster is raw ginger.

It’s available in most shops and it’s also very helpful for your health, but you should never have it late in the day, you should always consume raw ginger with your breakfast because its appetite stimulating effects tend to decrease very quickly, that is why I highly recommend that you prepare every morning some orange juice and mix it with ground raw ginger.

Some amazing appetite booster for kids

These appetite boosters I’m going to describe to you now are not going to help adults a lot because they are not going to increase the appetite dramatically, but for kids, they may prove to be very beneficial as they are going to make them eat more.

The first one I would like to talk about is wormwood, I know that I’ve already talked about it previously, but I would like to remind you that it’s probably the best appetite booster for kids; however the flavor should be masked with some ice cream or some very aromatic juice.

The second appetite booster is dried barberry.

Dried barberry tastes somewhat good and if mixed with juices and sugary drinks, it can be extremely enjoyable; it’s also very beneficial for helping the appetite of kids.

What I really enjoyed about Dried barberry is that it’s a whole fruit, it’s not only going to help kids with their appetite, it’s also going to give them lots of antioxidants and vitamins that are needed at this critical stage of development.

These are the best appetite boosters for adults and kids.

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