The safest vitamins that increase appetite

The safest vitamins that increase appetite

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There are many vitamins and supplements that are going to help you increase your weight, they are going to stimulate your liver and stomach, however, if you are suffering from low appetite, these vitamins are not going to help you because unless you eat something high in calories, you will never gain weight!

After all, we gain weight through converting the calories we eat from proteins, fats, sugars into muscle or fat.

So, in other words, if you do not increase your appetite, you are never going to increase your weight and you will never have a healthy and beautiful looking body.

So, what are the safest and best vitamins that will increase your appetite naturally?

  • The first vitamin that is guaranteed to increase your appetite is B12.

I think that vitamin B12 is one of the most neglected nutrient in our diet!

More and more scientific research are finding that vitamin B12 is not only necessary for your healthy cardiovascular system, it’s also extremely important for maintaining good health in general.

For example, vitamin B12 is associated with the production of essential hormones and neurotransmitters that are going to help your mind communicate well with your body parts.

And guess what, this communication is extremely important when it comes to your appetite, because your stomach is going to communicate with your mind and “tell” it that you need more food, for example, that is why your brain is going to increase your desires for eating!

And that is where vitamin B12 is extremely important.

I had a very severe vitamin B12 deficiency some three years ago, and I was extremely skinny, I had very low appetite and I couldn’t even walk a few blocks!

I was fatigued all day long!

Most people advised me to start eating more and to do more physical exercises, but it wasn’t related to what I was eating, it was related to what I was lacking, my body was not finding enough vitamin B12 to function normally!

After doing blood tests, it appeared that I was extremely deficient and I immediately started supplementing and within just three months, I was eating like a monster!

I started gaining weight and more importantly I have never felt this healthy before!

That is why the best vitamin in my opinion to increase your appetite and also your desire of life is vitamin B12.

Stop believing what so-called “experts” are going to tell you about vitamin C and other vitamins, they are not as efficient as vitamin B12.

How much vitamin B12 you need in order to increase your appetite safely?

You will need at least 200 µg a day of cyanocobalamin, that is the name of vitamin B12 you are likely to find in supplements, there are many other variants, like methylcobalamin, they are all great, but cyanocobalamin is by far the one that is going to last you a long time and it’s the one that is used to enrich foods, it’s also extremely cheap.

For example, I only spend about three dollars a year for supplementing with vitamin B12!

  • The next thing I would like to tell is to start relying on herbal supplements.

Most people, when they are thinking about vitamins to help them increase their appetites, will never think that herbal preparations and supplements are also extremely nutritious.

This is the truth; there are many herbal supplements which are going to help you amazingly well at increasing your appetite and making your body very healthy.

For example, every day, I give to my children fennel tea, you can get some fennel tea bags in the nearest health food store, they are very inexpensive and are amazingly helpful for increasing the appetite safely.

The best thing I like about these are herbal supplements and preparations is that they are made from plants!

That is why I like them; they are very safe and are inexpensive as well.

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